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editorial workshops

We carefully craft each workshop event to be a unique experience, creating an environment that promotes trust, fosters creativity, and encourages the well-being of all attendees, not just as photographers, but also as friends and global citizens. We welcome the full arrange of professional experience, from beginners who've never photographed on film to seasoned veterans with more than twenty years of making images on film. We've seen it all. Join us at one of our workshops and discover your unique voice and find the courage to trust your creative intuition.

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“Visiting Iceland for the Brumley & Wells’s workshop is the most inspirational thing that had happen to me this summer. I’ve been an admirer of  Brumley & Wells’s work for a long time. To work and to learn from incredibly talented duo Jacob & Annie was my dream for awhile. Their workshop in Iceland appeared to be beyond all my expectations.   Original, resourceful, timeless and professional advices, numerous conversations and discussions … Jacob shares so much. Moreover, every detail of the workshop was extremely thoughtful and beautiful – from the epic landscapes of Iceland  and the editorial-fashion styled shoots, to the workshop materials and to the welcome dinner. I walked away re-inspired and motivated to push my art to the next level.  For sure joining Brumley & Wells’s workshop will be the best way to push each and every business to the next level. I am incredibly grateful to Jacob &  Annie’s for this inspirational journey, warmth, talent,  humbleness  and for  willingness to share their craft and vision. ”

- Tamara Gigola

“My workshop with Brumley & Wells was exactly what I was looking for last spring. I love connecting with others who love what they do and above that love people. Jacob is this to a T. Absolutely nothing is off limits – which is completely refreshing in this industry. Whether you are just starting to shoot film, wanting to refine some of your skill sets in shooting, and/or are wanting some insights into running a fine art business, I highly recommend Brumley & Wells. Last spring, I left my workshop with confidence in my abilities as a photographer and artist – something that is completely invaluable to me and no price can placed on. If you are wondering if you should or not – you should.”

- Faith


“From a digital photographer who admired film photography but was too afraid to step outside of her comfort zone, to a film obsessed photographer with a fridge full of Kodak within the year. My workshop with Brumley & Wells was a metamorphosis for me. Jacob carefully and openly answered all of the questions I had coming in and the new ones I had along the way. He was so patient with me as I fumbled around my rented Contax645 and helped me to look at the use of light and how it can change a photograph. We ventured out from Durango, CO to Moab, Utah for our organized editorial photoshoot with a team of new friends and a whole lot of laughter! During the shoot, I was able to put into practice all of the classroom notes I had taken from the days before. Jacob showed me what he was looking for as he photographed, and told me how it differed from the digital images I was so used to taking. Simply invaluable. I still reference my notes to this day and look forward to attending another Brumley & Wells workshop in the future! Over the year, I have seen an exciting change in my art as well as my business that I still have to pinch myself about! I cannot recommend Jacob’s workshop enough to anyone who is either currently shooting film but isn’t getting the results they are hoping for, is looking for a way to grow their business and extend their ability to create art, or to someone like me who admired film from afar but didn’t have the confidence or knowledge necessary to move forward. It has changed my art forever and ignited a change in my business all at once! Thank you Jacob!”

- Carrie King


“We had the immense privilege of traveling to Durango, CO for one-on-one mentoring with Jacob this past July. We had reached a point in our business where we felt the tension of growth coupled with the desire to really hone in on what makes us special. We didn’t want to just book a certain number of wedding commissions, we wanted to do special and meaningful work. We had followed the work of Brumley & Wells for a long time and absolutely loved what he created. It was inspiring, elegant, and truly fine art. When we knew we could plan for mentoring, he was the first person we reached out to! We had the opportunity to learn from Jake in person for a full day with a beautiful curriculum, portfolio and pricing review, and lots of time for questions. I had loads of ideas coming to mind throughout the day. We all forgot to eat because we were so focused…and I don’t forget to eat the second day of our mentoring, Jake arranged for 2 styled shoots to help us practice film skills in person. He worked with us in advance to style shoots that would represent our brand effectively. This was our chance to apply what we’d learned and have the careful attention of a master. It was a really special opportunity! We took risks we would have never forced ourselves to take otherwise and made work that we’re really proud of! Jake is such an inspiring example! Throughout the day, though Jake was making his own beautiful images, he stopped to check in, advise, and troubleshoot as we used the film cameras. Since our time with Brumley & Wells, we’ve gained the humble confidence we needed to move our business in the direction we wanted to to go. That tension we felt turned into a focused push. We knew where we needed to go and we dug in to make that happen. Based on Jake’s recommendations, we made adjustments to our pricing and our portfolio, and set aside the fear that we “weren’t good enough” to accomplish our goals. We booked weddings even more quickly, filling our 2016 calendar quicker than we ever have. But for the first time ever, the people coming to us wanted only us! They weren’t just looking for a photographer, they loved what we did, had similar interests, and had to have us at all costs. We attribute this growth directly to our mentoring time with Jake! He gave us insights, encouraged us in exactly the areas we needed it, and kindly guided us along the way. We couldn’t be more proud of our investment into mentoring with him! While his work speaks for itself as fine art, his attitude, work ethic, and hunger to create continues to inspire us to push ourselves toward our dreams. This is one business investment that was worth every penny!”

 - Stephanie Booth