Intimate, ethnocultural & humanitarian photography workshops


I’ve always marveled at the idea I could travel to worlds familiar enough to recognize them as Earth, but different enough to imagine I was somewhere else. I've adopted the word, Fernweh, to represent my travel photography workshops, emphasizing techniques for telling raw, human stories on film in the modern, digital world. Learn how to capture world-class images and document human stories in a way that honors individuals and paints a compelling composition of the human experience. Be prepared to interact with locals in an intimate, organic way, while adapting to the excitement and chaos of the unexpected. Fall in love with locals and experience their way of life. My process for travel and lifestyle photography has been developed over the past six years by photographing and documenting stories in more than forty countries. Develop a travel portfolio that will give greater depth and maturity to your client, wedding, and editorial work.


Announcing Fernweh

India, November 2018

"It didn't feel like a workshop, but more like traveling with friends, which for me was the key to creating an effective and life-changing workshop experience. We were learning together, and this experience is printed on my mind. Your smile and your positive vision were equally important."

- Sylvain Bouzat, Fernweh India, 2017